To this happy place of Railroading, Welcome!

The Steel Wheel on Steel Rail Studio is my workshop for creating information, commentary, and history books on railroading.
Currently in progress are three areas of interest. The three areas are shown above: railroads at Walt Disney World, the former Charleston and Western Carolina Railway of S. Carolina,
and Gilded Age railroad travel and depots in America.
I hope you choose to visit one or more of these areas to further explore these railroading adventures.

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Walt Disney World®,  Disneyland®, Disneyland® Railroad, Fort Wilderness® Railroad, Main Street, U.S.A®, Magic Kingdom®, and Walt Disney World® Railroad are registered trademarks of the Walt Disney Company. 

I do not claim or imply any relationship with the Walt Disney Company. The Walt Disney Company does not sponsor or endorse the use of these trademarks. However,  the trademarks refer to physical places and objects. My literary works of history and commentary cannot readily refer to these physical places and objects without using the trademarks. Fort Wilderness Railroad locomotive copyright Ron Fink. Walt Disney World Railroad locomotive copyright Johnny Chaffin.

Charleston and Western Carolina Railway was a trademark of the CSX Corporation, but is now in the public domain.
I am not part of an agency, partnership, or joint venture with CSX Corporation. This web site is solely my work of history and commentary on this former railroad and the communities served by it.

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